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The Photographer


Hey, y'all!


My name is Jana Cooley and I am live in the Hattiesburg/Purvis, MS area. I spend most of my days at my full-time job as a social worker with the MS Dept. of Child Protection Services. 

My entire life I've been drawn to photography and didn't realize it until about 11 years ago. From filling up several disposable cameras a day with random shots, to always stealing my grandmother's cheap point and shoot camera to "pose" my younger cousins, a camera has somehow always been a part of my life. The turning point for me was when the tech at the printing lab refused to print a photo I had shot of my cousin for my aunt because it looked "professional" and they needed a signed release form. I was 13. Interest. Peaked. 

At just 15 I got my first very own camera and I had an instant connection. All of my friends turned into models and I was always keeping the roads hot with small sessions, trying to learn and soak in everything possible about this hobby. Photography became my therapy, something I knew I would always be there for me even when nothing else would. No matter how few and far between my sessions were, I knew that this was something I was never going to be able to put down. I started on the journey towards transitioning my hobby into a business right out of high school, and with each year my clientele grows fuller.

As a dedicated and passionate photographer, I’m constantly looking for new moments to capture on camera. Since beginning my professional journey, I’ve worked on many different types of projects that have expanded my experience and added to my portfolio. Take a moment to explore my work, and contact me with any questions.


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